"My wife and I worked with Mary to buy our house and also to sell it. Below are a few comments on our experience: 1. Friendly: From day one Mary became a friend. She has shown genuine concern and interest in our situation made sure we were happy every step of the way. 2. Professional: Despite maintaining a very friendly demeanor, Mary is extremely professional and it is obvious that she is well versed and confident in her line of business. Her confidence has given us a sense of peace that everything was going according to plan. We never questioned her advice. 3. Helpful: Mary went out of her way to make the buying and selling process effortless for us. Particularly when we sold the house and we were not in the area, Mary took care of all of the preparations, from arranging electrical repairs, staging, mowing the grass, coordinating all the work so that all we had to do was sign the papers. We cannot express enough how impressed and satisfied we are with our with our experience with Stark and Mary and would recommend the company and realtor in a heartbeat!"